Virtual Arts Lounge

The Arts Lounge is now online.

find your community in the faculty of arts.

This year, ASBC is dedicated to provide bridges for students to connect with each other through the Virtual Arts Lounge and Community Discord Servers. For a quick tutorial on Discord, click here.

Virtual Arts Lounge

Access the ASBC Arts Lounge Server on Discord today! Play games, chat with fellow students in the voice channels, send each other memes, ask fellow students for course help, get online study pals, and form lasting friendships- all in one place. Moderated by ASBC councillors during regular school hours.

International arts Students Server

Your home away from home. Ask questions, post pictures of home, and find your family in the University of Manitoba. Moderated by our International Student Representative.

Accessibility and mental Wellness

Accessibility needs and mental health comes first. Visit the Accessibility and Mental Health Server to find resources, support, and a safe place. Moderated by our Accessibility Representative.


Welcome to the Indigenous Arts Students Server! Find new friends, hang out with old friends, and find your community here. Moderated by our Indigenous Representative.

2slgbttq+ arts students server

A safe space for 2SLGBTTQ+ students at the University of Manitoba. Moderated by our 2SLGBTTQ+ Representative.

Womxn Arts students server

A safe space for Womxn online. Welcome to the Womxn Arts Students server! Moderated by our Womyn’s Representative.

Racialized Arts Students Server

Welcome to the Racialized Arts Students server! Chat, ask questions, and get to know your community. Moderated by our Racialized Representative.

visit the virtual arts lounge