Ali Berat Goksu

I am currently 3rd grade BA advanced student at University of Manitoba my major is Psychology and my minor is Anthropology , as volunteership I was the fundraiser to Zambia for United Nation I am currently enrolled to Kenya for Covid-19 fundraiser in the meantime I am the social media executive for UMASA , University of Manitoba’s Antropolog Association ,in previously along with being a note taker for this semester , I did internship at Marketers Tech which is in artificial intelligence sector as customer data platform my role was there is business executive secondly I am the junior sales manager at Tuana Glass mold ,my biggest attribute is my adaptability  I have the under-dog mindset that makes me realize I am just an amateur regardless of what my previous experience which allowed me to adapt both in AI and glass industry.

divjyot grewal

Hi everyone! My name is Divjyot (Div) Grewal and I am excited to announce that I am running as an independent candidate to be your next Senator. I am currently in 4th year of a major in Sociology (Adv.). I have been involved with ASBC for the past two years as an Academic Programmer and currently as the Director of Social Programming. I am also involved with other groups on campus such as the University of Manitoba’s Athletic Association. Being part of the council I have had the opportunity to be involved in different events which has allowed me to interact with arts students and hear about their needs as a student at U of M. I would love to continue to do so as your Senator. If elected, I would advocate for arts students with issues that are of great importance to us and make your voices be heard senate. I would try to be involved in various senate committees to make sure our voices are heard in even before things are being taken for a vote in senate. Advocacy and Transparency is my goal as your senator making sure that all information regarding senate is being presented to arts students in the most accessible way. This is why you should vote for me, Divjyot Grewal, for Senator on March 25th and 26th! For more information please feel free follow me on Instagram on div___19 or div.for.senator

sophie george (uplift asbc)

Hi fellow Arts students, my name is Sophie George! I am a third-year Theatre student working towards my advanced degree and I’m running to be a Senator with my team, Uplift ASBC. If elected as a Senator, I will advocate for academic policies that are sensitive to student’s mental health; more specifically, I would encourage the continuation of compassionate grading for any ‘pandemic semesters’. Additionally, as a theatre student, I know how important art is in our world, and how difficult it can be to get one’s artistic pursuits exhibited. So, I will work hard to ensure that ASBC provides resources, programs, and workshops to showcase, support, and champion student’s creative endeavours. If you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out and make sure to follow us on Instagram @uplift.asbc or visit our website for a more exhaustive list of policies. Vote Uplift ASBC on March 25th and 26th!

zlata odribets (uplift asbc)

Hi fellow Arts Students! My name is Zlata, and I’m in my third year at the U of M, double majoring in linguistics and English literature. I’m really excited to be running for Senator with my incredible team, Uplift ASBC! I am currently the President of my sorority, Alpha Gamma Delta, hold the VP Events position of Linguistic-ISH, serve as the Director of Academic Programming of EFTSA, and sit on The Arts Tribune team as the Managing Editor. I am also honoured to be one of the Ambassadors of our Faculty. My experience with studying two very distinct fields within the Faculty of Arts will allow me to understand the wants and needs of our diverse community, and the skills I’ve acquired through extensive involvement in various student clubs and councils will enable me to represent them well and make individual student voices heard at the faculty level. I’m also a proud International student from Ukraine, and I’m ready to bring my personal experiences and struggles as one into the Senator position. I know I have the most amazing team who I can completely count on to represent our faculty, and I can’t wait for you to vote Uplift ASBC on March 25 and 26!

mary mensah (uplift asbc)

Hello everyone! My name is Mary and I am a Political Studies Student! I’m running to become one of your senators for the upcoming school year with my team, Uplift ASBC. If Elected, I will commit to being approachable and accessible for my fellow Arts students at all times, across all social media platforms. During my time as Senator I will continually hold UMSU accountable, as well as push for priority class enrollment for graduating students. I also want to lobby for trauma sensitivity training to be available for all students as well. I intend for these policies to be number 1 on my agenda for the upcoming school year. If you have any questions, please get in touch with me! Follow us @uplift.asbc or check out our website