ASBC Bursary

The Arts Student Body Council initiated a bursary fund at the University of Manitoba in 1991 with a contribution of $5,000. In 2018, an additional $7,000 was added to the fund. The purpose of this bursary is to support undergraduate students in the Faculty of Arts who are not members of a college at the University of Manitoba. Each year, the available annual interest from the fund will be used to offer bursaries to undergraduate students who:

  1. are enrolled full-time (minimum 60% course load) in their second year of study or higher in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Manitoba;
  2. have achieved a minimum degree grade point average of 2.0;
  3. have demonstrated financial need on the standard University of Manitoba bursary application form.

To be considered, fill out the University of Manitoba General Bursary Application on Aurora.