Nimbus tutoring program

What is Nimbus and why should you apply to be a tutor?

  1. Description of Tutoring Program

The ASBC Tutoring Program is a course-specific tutoring service providing support in course material at your convenience. Every peer tutor has been through a rigorous approval process, which includes an interview and overview of course material, e.g verification that they have achieved 80% or higher in the courses that they would like to teach, as well as an in-person interview to judge communication and teaching skills.

The Arts Student Body Council has partnered up with Nimbus Learning, a mobile learning platform provider, to ensure that we can easily provide support for as many courses as possible at ASBC, while making the booking, communication and scheduling process as easy as can be.

  1. Link to “Get the App”

Click here to Get the App:

Visit the Nimbus App to get the full list of available courses. This list is always updated as more tutors become available to teach different courses!

  1. Become a Tutor Instructions 

The Arts Student Body Council is also looking for knowledgeable tutors who possess an Insert grade requirement eg. 80% or above grade in the course(s) they wish to teach. As a tutor you can gain valuable teaching experience, earn up to $15 an hour and choose your own availability.

If interested, please email with a copy of your unofficial transcript and the course(s) you would like to tutor. 

Tutors agree to familiarize themselves with the Faculty of Art’s policy on academic integrity and to meet clients in academic buildings on campus or other locations provided on the app. As we are currently in a global pandemic, tutors are only allowed to do classes online through zoom or google meets.

The Tutor’s Handbook explains the operation of the Nimbus app for tutors, which will be emailed to tutors once accepted into the Nimbus tutoring program.

  1. Links to Google Play and App Stores

  1. How it works

Nimbus student experience video:

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