Community Representatives

international students’ representative

ebenezer nwogu

Hi, my name is Ebenezer Nwogu and as a 3rd-year labour Studies student, I am well aware of the issues that many international students are facing at the moment. Apart from studying, I enjoy being active, playing Ice hockey, or cooking. I am running for this position because I am willing to do what is needed of me if I become the international student representative and I would be happy to help others and hopefully improve the situations of many of our students, as best as I can. 

Syed Irtaza Hussain Naqvi

Born and raised in the United Arab Emirates, my
introduction to life as an international personal has been there since day one. I was born a third
culture child and thus understand what international students face every day away from their loved
ones. My biggest achievement is my post as International Alumni Student advocate for my own
school in UAE, where I helped aiding other third culture children across the GCC with the issues and challenges they face as international students. My hands on experience and part-time work have given me the ability to understand how to truly help people by having an open ear for their
problems with the knowledge and experience to assist them. These skills through the years have
given me a strong leadership foundation and skills that I will use to assist international students even more effectively. I Am aware of the problems we face and look forward for your trust to ensure you have the right example to lead you. Reach out to me at to know more about my policies. 

maruf moshed (uplift asbc)

Hello everyone!

My name is Maruf, I am a 2nd year Economics student and I am running to be your International Student Representative of ASBC with my team, Uplift ASBC. I have extensive experience working with international communities and the student councils in university from my time working as a Event Coordinator for UMBSA and if elected, I want to introduce individual advocacy for international arts student – this includes dealing with discrimination, abuse and negligence while maintaining confidentiality, individual sessions to help out students with visa renewals and Canadian tax law information. I also want to host workshops/seminars on cultural diversity to break down cultural differences and set up a platform that gives students the space to feel more interconnected with their community. Finally, I want to address a key communication gap for international students by working with Career Services to connect students to graduates in their respective fields.

Please visit our Instagram @uplift.asbc to check out all our policies and vote the right way forward this election! Vote Uplift ASBC on March 25th and 26th.

2slgbttq+ representative

Emily Green

Hey, Faculty of Arts! I’m Emily, I’m a second year Honours Political Studies major with a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies, and I’m honoured to be running as your next 2SLGBTQ+ Representative! If elected, I plan to use my position to set up comprehensive resources for students undergoing gender transitions at the University Health Centre in collaboration with trans support clinics and groups in Winnipeg, to implement menstrual hygiene product disposal bins in men’s and gender neutral washrooms on campus, and to create bursaries and financial supports for the loved and valued members of the queer community at the University of Manitoba. Additionally, I would love to use the creative force of the queer community to start an artistic journal for 2SLGBTQ+ students in the Faculty of Arts. If you have any further questions, follow myself and my wonderful team on Instagram @uplift.asbc, or visit our website Vote Uplift ASBC on March 25th and 26th!

Women’s Representative

victoria stutsky

Hi there Arts students! My name is Victoria Stutsky and I am a fourth year Honours Criminology student and I am pleased to be running as your next Women’s Representative with my team Uplift ASBC. If elected, I plan on working in partnership with other women’s groups to create a program that provides freely accessible menstrual hygiene products to those on campus who need, implementing an allyship workshop available through UM Learn and establishing intersectional programming with Uplift ASBC’s community reps, and prioritizing women’s mental health by making mental health services and resources easily accessible and efficient for women by pushing forward an increase in counselling services and mental health workshops. Additionally, I want to combat sexual assault on and off campus by providing readily available services for survivors, promoting a culture of consent through consent culture training, and educating people on rape myths and how to be a pro-social bystander. As current Women’s Representative I have built connections with women on campus and have come to recognize their needs as students. Visit our Instagram @uplift.asbc for my teams policies and vote Uplift ASBC on March 25th and 26th!

Indigenous students’ representative

raven morrisseau

Hello Arts students, My name is Raven Morrisseau! I am Cree and Metis political studies student in my third year. I am running for the position of Indigenous representative with my team Uplift ASBC. If elected, I plan to continue working with the Indigenous community across campus to maintain a connected community both on and off campus through events with Indigenous groups and representatives. An important vocal point is promoting the new Indigenous content requirement to new arts students with information on the various options. As well as recommending it to current arts students to promote education on Indigenous peoples. Additionally I want to support students’ mental health with resources in traditional teachings via workshops and sharing circles with the support of our women’s representative. If you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out via instagram @raven.morrisseau. Please visit our team instagram @uplift.asbc or visit our website for more information on policies and team. Vote Uplift ASBC on March 25th and 26th!

Racialized representative

alex rana

Hey Arts Students! I’m Alex, currently in my second year pursuing a double Advanced major in English and Linguistics. I’m running to be your Racialized Representative with my team Uplift ASBC. Being a student of Pakistani background, I understand the struggles and inequalities racialized students face. As your Representative, I will work to address these through advocating for better mental health resources, creating events where we can share and celebrate our different backgrounds, and establishing an environment that is open to address the concerns of all racialized students. Follow us on Instagram @uplift.asbc and check out our website, to learn more about why our team is the best fit for ASBC, and vote Uplift ASBC on March 25th & 26th!